If we mean business with our pledge to keep global temperature increase below dangerous levels, then we have no time to lose to take action. Despite good intentions, global greenhouse gas emissions are still rising and are far from peaking. At current levels, we — as in humans — emit over 50 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases, based on 2019 data.¹ Yes, 2020 was different thanks to a global health crisis and greenhouse gas emissions plunged by a record 2 billion tonnes. Yet, this is followed by a strong rebound, eliminating any emissions cuts and overshooting the old…

originally published on EFEX at http://www.energyfuturex.org/2019/03/02/green-new-deal-hope-or-hype/

How long will we keep burning fossil fuels?

Just days have passed since the release of the proposal for a Joint Resolution for a Green New Deal. If the resolution has achieved success already, it is in garnering attention and focusing the political white noise on long-term strategic thinking to the point where critics try to dismantle each and every part of the text and supporters can’t seem to wait for its ideas to become law and reality.

The resolution is remarkable insofar as it recognizes a historical and profound responsibility of the United States as a leading historic emitter of greenhouse…

Max Gruenig

Max Gruenig is a climate and energy economist with expertise and experience in the US and Europe.

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